Second PilatoMercedes Hearse For EC Alderwick’s Famous Burgundy Fleet

EC Alderwick’s recognisable burgundy ceremonial vehicles are an important part of this respected family business. Managing Director Philip Alderwick told us why the family recently added a second Pilato Mercedes Polaris hearse to the fleet.


EC Alderwick was established in the 1945 and now has 10 funeral homes in Bristol – including Cotton & Sons the oldest funeral home in Bristol. As Bristol Funeral Directors, the business arranges over 1500 funerals a year.

Superior UK have been supporting the Alderwick family for more than 25 years, sourcing fleet vehicles for E. C. Alderwick & Son, Cotton & Sons, Thomas Davis, Bristol South Funeral Services, and Heaven on Earth Bespoke Funeral Services.

The Alderwick family is committed to offering memorable funerals. As part of this vision they have run distinctive burgundy vehicles since the early 1990s.

In 2016, Alderwick were one of the first UK funeral firms to invest in the cutting-edge hearse from Pilato Mercedes. During the Covid pandemic, they decided to add a Pilato Polaris hearse to their busy fleet.


“Alderwick like to stand out, and it is our pleasure to help with stunning and distinctive vehicles that support their vision,” said Kevin Smith of Superior UK. “Alderwick’s 2016 Pilato Mercedes hearse was one of the first in England, and the striking new design coupled with the Almandine metallic paintwork stood head and shoulders above other hearses.”

In late 2020, Alderwick’s took delivery of a new Polaris Mercedes hearse by Pilato.

“We are very proud to now have a pair of amazing Pilato hearses,” said Philip Alderwick. “The hearses look amazing together, and the newer hearse acts as a real flagship vehicle with plates representing each of our funeral homes in the windows.”

The Polaris has a polished stainless steel wreath rail, tinted windows to the rear bearer door glass, and the Superior slide-out decking system in a high gloss wood grain finish – all finished in Alderwick’s stunning Ruby Black pearl metallic paintwork.

“Our drivers wear burgundy ties, the fascia at our funeral homes are burgundy, and even our letterheads are burgundy,” said Philip. “People know that we are the firm with the burgundy cars – it definitely makes us stand out.”

And with consecutive personalised plates, Alderwick’s fleet is even more recognisable.

“We are dedicated to giving families a high standard of service,” said Philip. “Our vehicles are a key part of what we do and I am grateful to Superior UK for their support and advice.”