Award-winning firm Jackson Family Funeral Directors make move to Mercedes with Superior UK

Jackson Family Funeral Directors, an independent firm with three branches based in Worcestershire, have just taken delivery of a stunning metallic grey Mercedes-Benz hearse and matching Binz limousine from Superior UK Automotive Ltd.

This award-winning and ethically-centred firm is run by owner and Funeral Director Matthew Jackson, who, since opening the doors to the business in 2008, has worked to build an environmentally sustainable, family-focused ethos that puts an honest and personalised service before profits.

This approach means investing in fleet vehicles happens gradually and organically as the business grows. Matthew Jackson explains why the firm decided to move to Mercedes and his first impressions of dealing with Superior UK.

Matthew commented, “I worked for both national and independent funeral directors before forming my own company and decided that the ethos of Jackson Family Funeral Directors should be to fulfil the wishes of a family, first and foremost.”

He added, “Our motto is ‘We will do anything as long as it’s legal’, which simply means we wish to empower families to plan a funeral with creativity and passion and not within the parameters of set funeral services and profit margins.”

As the business has grown, the company fleet has moved from Vauxhalls to Fords and then back to Vauxhalls – as with any funeral firm wanting to offer the best possible to families, upgrading to a premium fleet was always a milestone on the horizon for Jackson Family Funeral Directors.

Matthew commented, “We already have a private Mercedes-Benz E-Class, and we wanted our vehicles to be different from the norm in our area, so the decision between Mercedes and Jaguar was clear – Mercedes vehicles are more in line with our business ethos.”

Matthew has worked in the funeral industry for over sixteen years now, and this latest fleet upgrade is his first time purchasing a used vehicle from one of the leading three UK funeral vehicle suppliers. He commented, “It made all the difference, and I was very impressed. The vehicles were delivered polished, pristine and ready to go; they went straight out on a funeral that afternoon.”

He added, “Jon Helm was excellent; having one knowledgable and approachable point of contact made the whole process seamless – I would wholeheartedly recommend Superior UK to any funeral director looking to buy used fleet vehicles.”