‘Truly regal’ Queen II hearse & matching Jaguar limousines for VA Peterson in Wales

V A Peterson Funeral Service is an independent, family-run firm whose main premises stands within beautifully kept private grounds looking out on the green, tranquil landscapes of Cwmbran, Wales.

Arthur Peterson set up the business with his son Virgil in the 1940s, shortly after the Second World War; the firm then grew to success over several decades with Arthur’s grandsons Clive and Bryn Peterson. In the 1990s, the family took on Hook Funeral Service in nearby Pontypool, another much-loved and respected independent which was carefully restored and modernised. Today, both businesses are run by Clive’s son, David, and Bryn’s children, Aime and Ross, who represent the fourth generation of the Peterson family.

Pictured: Bryn Peterson (standing right), Clive Peterson (standing left), David Peterson (seated centre)

VA Peterson recently took delivery of a fine fleet of vehicles from Superior UK Automotive Ltd, including a Pilato Queen II hearse and two matching silver limousines. David Peterson explains how this stunning trio of cars became the latest additions to the Peterson fleet.

David commented, “I have been working in funeral care for over 38 years, and supporting families with beautifully planned funerals means ensuring every aspect of the experience meets the highest standards. He added, “From a family’s first contact with our highly trained team to the first visit at our serene premises and grounds to the final journey in our fleet of funeral vehicles, we strive to deliver excellence.”

V A Peterson has traditionally run a fleet of grey Jaguar vehicles; one of these vehicles, a hearse, was out of action and so David put in a call to Superior’s Jon Helm, who suggested David take a look at the immaculate silver Queen II he had in stock. As soon as David set eyes on the stunning hearse with the two matching Jaguar limousines also available, he knew it would be the perfect fit for his firm, so he ordered all three vehicles.

David commented,” The Queen II is appropriately named – it’s truly regal! The elegant design is stunning inside and out. People have noticed the new hearse, and we have had many positive comments about the new style and the move from grey to silver. The hearse will undoubtedly bring more business to us because it’s so special.”.

He added, “This is our first fleet from Superior, and I must say we are very impressed with the impeccable service we received from Jon and the team – we will certainly be returning to Superior in the future.”

V A Peterson has earned a special and much-respected reputation locally for the outstanding care and connection they have provided families through the decades. At one time, in particular, the Peterson family were there for one of the darkest and most harrowing moments in Welsh history.

It was during Virgil and Clive Peterson’s tenure that the Aberfan disaster took place – the catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip in October 1966 that took the lives of 116 children and 28 adults and wholly devastated an entire community. Virgil and Clive were two of the first locals on the scene helping in the rescue efforts. They set up the mortuary and then spent weeks making nameplates for each of the children as they were recovered from the rubble.

David commented, “We are proud of our heritage and our family firms connection to the communities we serve – it is our privilege to provide support and care for families in South Wales and we hope to do so for many years to come.”