Quality, reliability and trust build a 14 year relationship for Arthur Peake and Sons and Superior UK Automotive

Don Peake is the third generation of the Peake family who run Arthur Peake and Sons, based at Woodland Funeral Home in Cwmbran. With Don’s son Kerrie now representing the fourth generation, this is a family who understand the value of longevity in business. They have dealt with Kevin Smith for funeral vehicles and servicing since 1999 and explained why they value and maintain the relationship.

“As a family company, Superior UK Automotive give a better level of service,” said Don. “Kevin and his team aren’t sales reps, they take time to understand our business and they stay in regular contact with us. But it’s not about selling. We go to them if we want something.”

The Smith family have been supplying Arthur Peake and Sons with funeral vehicles since 1999 and the fleet now includes two Mercedes limousines, one Mercedes hearse and a bespoke, custom-fit Mercedes Vito removal vehicle.

Don recognises the quality and reliability of vehicles supplied by Superior UK Automotive. “The quality is far superior to that of other coach builders,” he said. “And they’re very reliable vehicles. It’s rare to have a problem with the vehicles but, if we do, we simply phone Kevin and he’ll collect the vehicle, rectify the problem and bring it back to us.”

The relationship between Superior UK Automotive and Arthur Peake and Sons goes back well over a decade. “When we first made contact with Kevin and his father Peter in 1999, Kevin brought a vehicle down to us from Reading so we could look at the quality,” Don said. “Right away, I was pleased with the way he dealt with everything. Nothing was too much trouble and that’s how it’s been ever since.”

And it’s this level of service which has kept the relationship strong for 14 years. “Once Kevin says he’ll do something, you know it will get done,” said Don. “I now consider him a friend of the family. If he’s in the area, he’ll call in and have a chat, and it’s never about selling. We’ve built a long-term relationship which I really value.”

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