Superior’s versatile Vito makes the perfect match for mother & daughter team in North Wales

After retiring their hard-working VW Sharan removal vehicle with over 150,000 miles on the clock, Morfudd Williams and Gwenan Roberts, owners of independent funeral director W O & M Williams in North Wales, decided it was time to upgrade. The pair have recently taken delivery of a brand new Mercedes-Benz Vito with bespoke decking from Superior UK Automotive Ltd, and they are thrilled with the new vehicle’s impact on the business.

The Williams family have served the local community since 1889 when Gwenan’s great grandfather William Williams and his brother John Williams set up as coffin makers and funeral directors in the village of Llanedwen in Anglesey.

(Pictured: Gwenans Great Grandfather William Williams, Grandfather Richard Williams & father William Owain Williams)

The firm has been passed down through the generations and is now run solely by Gwenan Roberts (Nee Williams), who represents the fourth generation, and her Mother, Morfudd Williams. Gwenan Roberts explains how upgrading to a new Superior Vito has been an investment worth making.

Gwenan commented, “Our new Vito has been a game-changer for my mother and me. We’re a relatively small funeral director, so we take care of every aspect of work ourselves, including collections and removals”. She added, “Our new Vito is incredibly comfortable and versatile – the decking system makes it very easy to load and unload, which takes the strain off our backs – we just wish we had upgraded sooner!”

The brand new Vito, with a bespoke Superior decking system, was built to the specifications and options selected by the Williams family to make the best use of space. “We opted for a single deck as that suited our business needs and discussed having extra storage built-in”, said Gwenan, “Superior’s Greg Platt talked us through all the options and helped us come up with a configuration that enables extra storage both above and below the deck which has worked brilliantly – we can store extra equipment that is always packed and available to use wherever we go”.

Gwenan added, “Aside from the brilliant functionality of the deck, the whole interior has a beautiful finish, not at all clinical or industrial, so we have no problem leaving the tailgate open when at a family home”.

Superior UK’s Greg Platt commented, “We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and service, so it is always a pleasure to see customers so happy with their vehicles”.