Third ‘fit for first call’ Superior Vito for Brian McElroy Funeral Directors in Dublin

Dublin-based independent funeral directors Brian McElroy have recently taken delivery of their third Superior Vito removal vehicle. The firm, run by Managing Director Brian McElroy and General Manager & Transport Manager Eric McCormack, serves families in Dublin and surrounding areas from its four branches.

Brian McElroy worked in the funeral industry for many years before opening his own business in 2006; the company has since gone from strength to strength, evolving from a one-person operation to a thriving funeral firm conducting over 1000 funerals a year with 30 full-time professional staff and multiple part-time staff who remain committed to working with bereaved families in their community.

Brian McElroy Funeral Directors run a full Mercedes Fleet across the business with four hearses, five limousines and three Vito removal vehicles from Superior UK Automotive Ltd.

Eric McCormack, who manages the firm’s fleet, explains how Superior’s Vito removal vehicles fit into the more traditional values and practices of funerals in Ireland.

Eric commented, “When we saw the Superior Vito at the NFE many years ago, we were very impressed with its sleek design and hearse-like interior and knew it would be perfect for us – families have found our Vito’s to be professional, discreet and they are very much accepted by families as an appropriately dignified first call vehicle.”

All three of the firm’s Superior Vitos are high-spec Mercedes-Benz Vito L2 vehicles in metallic black paintwork fitted with privacy glass, VIP appointments and Superior’s market-leading ‘Rise&Fall’ decking system.

Eric commented, “The staff love them; they are comfortable to drive, reliable and easy to use in day-to-day operations.” He added, “We are proud of our vehicles and the service they enable us to provide.”

Superior’s Greg Platt has taken care of each order from McElroy’s, including the most recent January delivery, which required a fast turnaround. 

Eric commented, “Our business does not allow for time wasted. We needed our latest Vito on the road as soon as possible, and Greg did everything he could to facilitate – he managed to take us from order to delivery very quickly.” He added, “Excellent vehicles paired with excellent service is why we return to Superior every time.”