An international recommendation from African Caribbean Funeral Services

Kevin Smith and family at Superior UK Automotive have been supplying Collin and Lynn Carter of African Caribbean Funeral Services with funeral vehicles for over 10 years. Collin Carter told us why they recently recommended Superior UK to a funeral professional in Barbados.

Although African Caribbean Funeral Services are based in North London, owner and funeral director Collin Carter often travels abroad in order to maintain the business relationships which are at the heart of his specific services for African Caribbean families. It was on one such recent trip that Collin recommended Kevin Smith to a fellow funeral director.

“Our customers often recommend us to others,” said Kevin, “and word-of-mouth has always been key to our business growth. But this recommendation, to a funeral director in Barbados, is surely the furthest word has travelled about Superior!”

Collin explained why he was so confident in recommending Kevin to somebody 4,000 miles away from Superior UK‘s HQ near Reading. “I have always found Kevin to be a very nice person,” he said. “We have a great relationship and I cannot fault the service I have had from him over the past 10 years. We know and understand each other very well and I am confident in recommending him to any funeral director.”

African Caribbean Funeral Services most recently took delivery of a high-quality 2009 used Binz hearse, although the funeral director has had numerous vehicles from Kevin over the past decade. “Kevin made it his business to get that vehicle delivered to us before I left to travel on business,” said Collin. “He asked when I was leaving and made every effort to supply it before I left, so I could see it. He really went out on a limb. There was one minor issue with the vehicle, but Kevin promptly dealt with it whilst I was in away. I trusted him to do so and had no doubt that it would get done.

“I am so impressed with Kevin’s way of doing business and the service he gives, that I have been trying to procure him business with one of my valued contacts in Barbados.”

Kevin added, “We are always most grateful when a customer shows their trust by recommending us on. But I have to say I am particularly excited about the thought of our vehicles being in Barbados!”

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