Vito 116 Extra-Long is the ‘Superior’ removal vehicle for Douch Family Funeral Directors

Douch Family Funeral Directors are an independent family-run firm, with seven branches and four coroners’ contracts throughout Dorset and on the Isle of Purbeck. The business was founded by Frederick “FC” Douch in 1910 and the business remains owned and run by the family.

For the past 20 years, the Douch family have trusted Superior UK Automotive Ltd to supply all vehicles past and present in the firm’s stunning full Mercedes fleet. The most recent deliveries include three new Pilato Mercedes Polaris hearses in 2020, a new bespoke Vito 116 Extra- Long in Spring 2022 and now another brand new Vito 116 Extra-Long removal added to the fleet this Autumn.

Jonathan Stretch of Douch Family Funeral Directors explains why the Vito ‘XL’ is the perfect removal vehicle for the firm. “We love the decking system and have been very pleased with our previous Vito removals, however, the additional functionality and space the XL provides have been a game-changer”. Jonathan added, “With four coroner’s contracts we are regularly called out needing to be ready and equipped for the unknown and our new Vito’s work for us in every situation”.

Each of the Douch Vito removals is a top specification vehicle fitted with a bespoke Superior “Rise&Fall” decking system and has additional storage built in for PPE, uniforms and equipment allowing the ultimate in professionalism. The vehicles also have side windows with removable blanks which gives the flexibility to use the vehicles as flower hearses, hearses for oversized coffins or as repatriation vehicles.

Jonathan commented ‘Our Vito XLs work for us; they are beautifully built and offer us unrivalled flexibility – we feel they are the perfect removal vehicle and we will be sticking with the Superior Vito XL for the foreseeable future”.

Superior’s Jon Helm added, “It is always a pleasure to deal with Jonathan and the team; they run an enviable Mercedes fleet and we are very proud to have supplied these vehicles to the Douch family for so many years”.