We got a sneak preview of the new E Class Mercedes Benz

We got a sneak preview of the new E Class Mercedes Benz

The Superior UK team felt very privileged earlier in May when we got the chance to have a play with the new E Class Mercedes Benz right here at Superior HQ in Berkshire.

The E Class, which hasn’t even hit the road in the UK yet, has already been a massive sales success for Mercedes Benz.

There are only five registered vehicles in the country at the moment (press cars, distributed by Mercedes Benz UK), so imagine how we felt when we had one brought to our offices for a look, feel and test drive. Our corporate account manager at Mercedes Benz UK was kind enough to bring one over to us here at Aldermaston – we have a great relationship with Mercedes Benz and they wanted us to get a good look at the vehicle as soon as possible.

We’re so glad they did! It was wonderful to have this amazing car on our premises, knowing there are only five of them in the UK at all.

Everyone piled out of the building to get a look as the car was unveiled. The first reaction was “wow!” This car is really very striking. It’s a beautifully restyled version of the classic Mercedes Benz quality we’ve all come to know. It’s modern, sporty and very sleek, but more than anything else, it grabs the attention immediately.

And that’s what we think you’ll love about it when we’re able to offer it to our funeral director customers. The new E Class does a remarkable job of combining classic Mercedes Benz values with a modern twist which is perfect for businesses who want to freshen up their fleet and present a forward-looking image, but stay rooted in the values of quality, reliability and high-end luxury.

Mercedes Benz vehicles have always appealed to the funeral market and we think the E Class will carry on that tradition. It’s a sleek and stylish update, fresh but not garish, and new but still in keeping. It will mix very well with existing fleets, or make a great statement by itself. It is immediately identifiable as Mercedes Benz E Class.It hasn’t lost any of the classic design and stays loyal to the traditional values of the brand. But it’s distinct and different enough to work very well for you, helping to make a marketing statement about your business.

We think the new sporty design of it is like a breath of fresh air. Here at Superior Automotive UK, we speak to a broad range of funeral director customers and see a cross spectrum of the industry. We feel there’s a definite move in some areas, as the younger generation push the industry forward. And we think this new E Class fits very well with that, as it’s very in line with what the customer on the street – your customers – are starting to want as the generations shift.

The entry-level E Class vehicle (the version we got to play with) has 17″ alloy wheels, COMAND navigation, leather upholstery and AMG body-styling all as standard. The sales figures coming through from Mercedes Benz are fantastic and we are looking forward to opening our own order book very shortly to begin processing orders for our customers. As always, we are here to answer any questions you have about this vehicle and to assist you in putting together a completely bespoke order which will suit your fleet and your business.

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